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About Delhi Dynamos

Delhi Dynamos FC is an elite football club and sports franchise, representing the city of New Delhi at the annual Indian Super League. As the sole premier football club in Northern India participating at the national tournament, Delhi Dynamos FC also facilitates grassroots sports participation across the region, showcasing its footballing values across the sports ecosystem.


Football development demands the facilitation of a planned football performance pathway that will take anyone who is passionate about the game to the height of their capacity.
YFI’s international expertise in providing complete footballing experiences, pairing extensive practice with consistent competition, aligns with Delhi Dynamos FC’s presence in overseeing the football ecosystem. This, combined with our network of leading coaches, facilities and sporting competitions, allows us to focus on the long-term development of our selected athletes.


We aim to engage the football community, providing generations of footballers with a local identity they can align with.
We want to share elite football practice with anyone who is passionate about the game.
These require the facilitation of a Delhi Dynamos footballing way, success on the national stage and a shared community belief on the importance of football in the community.

"Greatest names in world football".

The cornerstone of the initiative is to form Delhi Dynamos Soccer Schools and High Performance centres which will perpetuate the club’s footballing values and beliefs. Our grassroots movement educates coaches, players, and parents alike, in elite footballing practices and what it means to be a professional athlete, through a scientific curriculum and technical assistance from greatest names in world football.